Explore things to do in Aruba

They don’t call it “One Happy Island” for nothing. From the sun, the beaches, the natural landscapes, there is so much to see and do in Aruba. Venture from the high & low rise Hotels and visit the other side of the island. Take an ATV Sunrise Tour on the North and South coasts of the island. Explore cliffs, caves, and natural pool then venture through the Arikok National Park, see wild donkeys and goats. Visit Boca Grande and watch the kite boarders glide across the ocean, colorful kites diving in the sky. Experience the local culture, step into baby blue water at Baby Beach. Relax on a beach towel in the warm sun, or find yourself a shady spot underneath the mangroves at Mangel Halto beach. Grab your mask and snorkel or sign up for a snorkel tour and discover the magical ocean life waiting for you just steps away from the water’s edge. Now is the time to take advantage of all Aruba has to offer.

Wonderful privately produced Aruba Video